come’on seriously? I’m not going anywhere, especially in the woods! Good luck with that!
Let’s face it, if at all possible most people will not leave their homes till forced to. Some, may not be healthy enough to do so or wheelchair bound such as Glenns case.

Even with the lights, heat and water off it is still a shelter better than the woods. Securing it can be done from your average thug, but more than that and you may have to go the Survive-Out-Bag route.  Your friendly government and local police may kick down the door, confiscate your legal guns without receipt and make you leave for whatever reason they seem fit to say right or wrong by the constitution, don’t forget this happened during Katrina to alot of law abiding people protecting their homes on dry land.

Till then, your staying in. So what’s your plan to keep it going?

Water-Number One need!
You will not have running water, which will be your biggest need. Your toilet wont be flushing. you will have to bring water in for that. Washing clothes and dishes is going to be a chore as will gathering water for a shower. If you have gutters, start making up some rain barrels for when the time comes. You can get some 30-55 gallon plastic barrels from online or a local hardware store and just set them at the corners of you home. Have the downspouts from the gutters drain into these barrels. Simple enough!

Many are now available with standard water hose connections to save on your water bill today! Remember this is not “Potable” water! You will still need to filter and boil it before using it to drink. There are many different way to run 2, 3 or more barrels together for collecting. You could go as far as running a tap inside to use these. But please, boil your water.

Fire-Number Two need!
You will need some source to make fire. Make sure you “vent” the home while this is going on. Look around for your options. Have a wood burning fireplace? You have everything you need there! One of the best asset in a home is a wood burning fireplace or stove. You simply collect wood etc. and burn as needed. What if you have one of those fancy gas fireplaces? You still have the chimmney and can easily convert it to wood. You could benefit from the survive-out-bag by getting a magnisium firestarter and keep an extra one in the kitchen drawer.

No fireplace? again goto the survive-out-bag options to use indoors in a ventilated area. That survive-out-bag will be used in many cases even if you do not leave the home. Come fall and winter time of year or to get rid of the chill at night is going to be a bit more difficult. Without a fireplace and chimmney to vent it out, it’s actually easier to heat in the woods.

But let’s look at some options. Obviously from what i already listed, install a wood stove! These can be simple barrels converted to burners , to castiron “real” wood stoves. You can spend a little or a lot. All will heat the home and vent outside.

Food-Number Three need!

Long-grained white rice can last indefinitely if stored in a cool, dry place. They have actually found rice in archaeological digs that you could cook normally.  Get yourself a good container full and store it for the days to come. Rice will go with about everything and can sustain life on it’s own merits. Dry beans are good for at least two years if stored properly. That means in a closed container in a cool, dry, dark place. Beans and Rice would make a  great meal on it’s own but even together will lack a few needs in nutrition. Multi-Vitamins, Buy them and use them, swap them out for your daily use, always checking dates. Mountain House makes pretty good freeze dried packages for camping and future use. These packs can be found in about any sporting department and quite tasty.

More to follow…

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