You have choices to make, you can go with a level 1 kit for the bare essentials, or a level 2 kit to try and survive.
Adventure Medical Kits Tactical Field/Trauma with QuikClot Will make a nice kit for starting out and includes the quickclot kit  which could be very useful in the field.

Blackhawk Emergency Medic Roll Bag is a nice start to a level 2 kit.

First thing, take care of your feet! Always have a needle and some Tincture of Benzoin and Leukotape P Sports Tape to stop those blisters. Alot of people use duct tape for such cases and it does work. But save it for other uses. I would still suggest Tincture of Benzoin(a adhesive) and Leukotape ( a proven sports tape) . Keep changes of socks and try to fix those hotspots as soon as they become noticable. Your feet are going to be a “big” concern.

A low dose aspirin a day may keep the doctor away. This will also thin your blood so make sure it’s for you.

Remember a daily multi-vitamin to replenish what your system might be lacking.

Get a book on Medicinal Plants and study it hard! You will be surprised how many medical products are right there next to you.

Most likely all have seen “First Blood” movie and watched as he sews his arm up.. Yep,  people are capable of doing this. Depending on the individual, humans can withstand a lot of pain. You will not know till the time comes. Shock and death is also very possible. Most times, smaller wounds will go numb from the dead nerves torn during the damage and you have a time frame there to repair before infection sets in. Clean and use sterile items to repair and remove all foreign objects from the wound.  Infection will kill as easily albeit a bit later than a bullet. If you cannot sew it shut, change the bandages at least twice a day while cleaning.  Remember, fire can be your friend.  Even fixing a broken leg or arm with stick branches and duct tape is possible. Keep some tape handy! Anything that can be used as a sling such as a shemagh is also a big plus.

Most likely if your sewing wounds or fixing your own broken leg, your escape or evasion is pretty much over.  You might be better off surrendering to aid and figure escape plans later.  Then again, you might not.. Good luck in your ventures and may your god guide your way.

With the disaster that has hit Japan you might see the need for some fallout protection. One suggestion would be Potassium Iodide Tablets and RAD stickers.
more to come..

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