First, the strange collection of what our society becomes..

In the end, even the good becomes the evil.. someone always wanting to dominate another.

From the 30′s H.G. Wells “things to come”

The 40s? About any War survival film available from then.

I think as the first movie to make me wonder how to get prepared would go way back to the 50′s!

The World, the Flesh and the Devil  (5 stars) is a strange picture to say the least..

The 60′s gave us classics as “The last man on earth” with Vincent Price!

The 70′s brought us our future food supply .. Soylent Green

The 70′s was actually quite strange.. remember A boy and his dog?

The end of the 70′s gave the begining of the Mad Max Series

The 80′s? story of what our society has become or becomming.. 1984..(5 Stars)

The 90s? What about 12 monkeys with Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt? (5 stars)

The last part of the 90′s give a glimmer of hope?

The early 2000′s gives us “The Island” there an Island?

And just before the 2010′s… The Road.. 5 stars!

Could this be..about as real as it gets?

And whats left of the glimmer of Hope come the 2010′s?
The book of Eli… 5 stars

Anyways… As you can see.. we been thinking of these things for a long time..

just live life to its fullest, but be prepared. 

Links and suggestions of others to follow.


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