News Feeds

NONE are really worth linking to.. anyways..

Please note: Watching and reading Media news sites “can be hazardous to your health”. This right wing, left wing Propaganda machine can actually make you more unaware of an issue than add to a sound judgement of said issue. Always understand Media News is not just News but an Agenda set by each outlet. Enjoy your time trying to find the real issues and faults. But please do so in limited intake just like any abusive drug.

You want to understand America? it’s basic really , two parties, both together to destroy liberties and the dream of what America was founded on. socialistic over taxed society is here today.. and getting stronger every day. Media will play along on each side.. they are just more sheep with big budgets and deep pockets.

Read the Constitution and see how far we have varied from it..

Vote ALL incumbents OUT from ANY Party .. rinse and repeat till we have people there that work Constitutionally.

Make them enforce term limits..12 years max! Government was not to be used as a special class nor to allow them to put law on the people and Opt out for themselves.

Enough is Enough! Quit being Sheep!

Ignore “commentary news media” with agendas and find some fun in life ..

But remember.. vote those bastards out.. till we get some in there that understand budgets and how to live within them.. like “we the people” do on a daily basis.

Oh, to continue with the survival theme of this site:

Thanks Penny.. for sharing..

Feed a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime… MAN UP people.. quit the entitlement mentality and quit being led around by the ring attached to your nose!

Flat Tax and a Flat Government! Simple.. Get’r done!

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