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I recently purchased an xbox game there and within a week someone hacked the account and charged 20 bucks to my account for XBOX credits. I contacted Gamestop before the ORDER was even closed and asked them to stop it and remove any information they had in their system on me (credit card) which got me a response of, “You need to contact your local police ” They would go no further and offered no refund although they could easily find the code was not used by me and actually could track it onto whatever XBOX someone does use it on.. It’s just plain bullshit to pass this on to the customer when it’s their system that was used to steal the information or even an employee doing such.  they are history as a store in my eyes.. I usually don’t shop there anyways because they are OVER PRICED.. but this just sealed it for me.. next outlet!

One more warning:

Windows 8… I have found the installation over windows 7 went easily.. But… the games I play.. no longer played…

BF3- Errors on load
MoH: Warfighter – Single player works but.. Disconnects after 1 minute online games.
Sniper Elite 2- Errors on load
Dayz Mod – does not connect to servers..

Least in my experience with it, to many headaches to worry about…  I would suggest waitng for a later date.. I went back to Windows 7 and very content with it. Besides, I kept going back to the desktop anyways.. so it’s nothing more than a M$ Advertisement for Bing and XBOX with big icons.. More or less..you purchased “their” ads..

Sooo anyways…

Until the day comes that we can transfer our being onto the internet.. which “will” come someday.. to smile with disbelief is to be ignorant to reality. We are after all, nothing more than carbon running on an electrical impulse with controlled structure. Which is exactly what the computer world is in its infancy.. so.. someday.. MKD (Massive Kinetic Distribution) “Never say Never” , “Impossible is a word for those that can’t”

Networking: The more the better.. ofcourse it is.. I started on a 300 baud (300 bit/s) phone modem once apon a time!

Road Runner has dropped the price on their Business class and 50/5 has come to the house! Wow…6.5 MB/S download from steam!! Unsupported (rental services online) Game Servers running on offloaded box thru wireless in different area of house on AC Band wireless without any bumps in the road… Games such as DCS can support 20 players at these speeds, 4 per Mps upload… life is good! Please note the following may not be needed in your case.. Most service providers are providing good strong cable modems with built in wireless etc already.. with their own built in router support. But you may wish to check if they support dual band (2.4ghz and 5ghz) and the new AC Band if you want the added Bandwidth… currently I do not know of any that do. (6-15-2013)

Router: NETGEAR R6200

Pros: Works great in windows system as well as their nice little Genie app to monitor what’s connected.  Extended range from old router. Grandchild about 5 houses away thru open field can get 10mps on his Ipod and laptop under 2.4 N band. Matched to an A6200( drivers needed for A6200) it got a solid 585Mps on local network with AC band.  USB port supplied power and supported WD passport 2TB drive kinda..

Cons: Price.. USB port works fine with external hardrives in NTFS but if you disconnect and put files on it through computer.. you “may” lose those files once reconnected to router port.

Other Thoughts: This is for LOCAL media sharing and “future” use over net.. Unless you have some provider that gives you more than 50/5 service.. you can be happy with G band.. Now if you have a local network with a lot of androids, laptops, xbox, computers etc sharing media files and network bandwidth, this might be the way to do it.

Bandwidth Converter

Wireless Adaptor for AC Band: Netgear A6200

Ok, first I like the AC band and this product for what it is..

As for  performance.. I have this hooked with a Netgear R6200(nice router) and got a
solid 585Mps on 5 ghz from the two locations While the other devices running at
2.4ghz enjoy their 150-250mps.. that’s “real world” speeds not the hype on the
box cover.. and its very acceptable to “me”.. The XBOX in the system is the next
highest device at 250Mps..That’s impressive speed in the AC band for the A6200..
and media passed around the local network works flawlessly..

NOTE: you must use drivers and PASS on the drivers or you will not connect on reboot for windows systems(known problem).. Hopefully fixed after version

I can verify the R6200 router gets the extended distance but that’s in all bands.. so if
you’re receiving a tops of 50mps from your cable company and not passing media
files locally(LAN) to your devices.. there is really little need to go AC and
have these headaches figuring all these different Mps and MB/S calculations.. N band will be just fine. Heck G will even do 54mps fine.. this is a “future” product or a media distributor on a “local” LAN. It’s one of the fastest wireless devices on the market and might work for “you”..


Android tablets in general are becoming very popular since the ICS(Ice Cream Sandwich) Android 4.0.3 OS release. They rival the Ipads at a much better price point with just as many and in some cases better applications. You can even get Cheap ones to run all your internet needs and addons to PC games for extended controls. The only factor that still limits cheap ones is their wireless connections. Many are limited to g band and this makes streaming HD movies still something to be desired but does work.  You can still watch your favorite Youtubes etc on these devices or through their microSD Card storage with little trouble. Once you advance to the more expensive units you will have the N band and if you have a good router with N band or better yet Dual band.. well, you can stream just about anything anywhere and really enjoy the experience! Tablets are becoming a very good option to the Laptops for anything less than full PC gameplay. Looking forward to the AC Band and dual bands as standard. Don’t confuse your phones 3G or 4G as gigabytes.. its Mb/S compared to MB/S.. which means about 1/8th the speed of real connections. 8bits = 1 byte.

On to the games!

The following sub-pages contain games that may not necessarily be survival type, but will make you think and use survival skills in many different ways. including going to war!

First and Third Person Shooter

Strategy Games

Flight Games

Water Games

Racing Games

Role Playing Games

Space Games

I wish a game company would make a “survival” game in modern time. One that would actually use todays survival skills and equipment such as backpack, alcohol stoves, tent/hammock setups, water filtering and hand generators etc etc something kids/adults might learn from. And have great graphics in urban and forest avenues with scavaging etc. and could actually have good and bad guys in it for attack or evade and some hunting and trapping maybe fishing etc. possible free world walk from east coast to west while just trying to survive on a daily basis with basic needs. The Dayz mod for Arma series has come close, although you must think of Zombies as thugs. Wasteland is becoming a popular mod for arma series as well. This removes the Zombies and allows “sides” or independent players. There are also “missions” to do while trying to survive.

A handful of us usually sit on Blood’s Teamspeak Server and can be helpful with any of these games. This is old friends that just like to play some games together now and then

Get Teamspeak Free and come say hello and shout HELP! Just some good ole’boys meaning no harm..

Teamspeak server address: ts100.light-speed.com:6947 (limited slots)

You can find us on one server or the other for any type discussions.

Look for the Game type you wish to view on the right side for some opinions. Note: I am a PC gamer and believe the perfect score games come with Map editors and Mod tools. It use to be that way before paying for DLC content came along. Software companies just lack in everything but greed these days.

Don’t forget a quality stick such as the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro on the cheap..[GS] 10/10

This is the cheap workhorse of joysticks. You would not find a better stick under 30 bucks period! Solid build and usually already setup in many of the games your going to be playing. I have zero complaints other than throttle is just a slider on the joystick base but is located on the back. Twist grip works great for no pedal operations. Programming is easy! Perfect score for what it is!

  • Dominate the skies or the ground with the control of 12 well-placed, fully programmable buttons and a rapid-fire trigger
  • Home in on your target with the deadly accurate direction control of the twist handle
  • Smooth and accurate throttle settings are a major bonus whether you’re entering the fray or bugging out

Saitek x52pro

Or, you might like one with all the bells and whistles like the Saitek x52pro  and have both stick and throttle [GS] 9/10

All the features of the X52 combined with premium engineering and advanced Multi-Function Display (MFD) for real flying interaction. 2 dedicated MFD buttons and 2 rotary dials with in-built buttons to control additional game functionality.

MFD displays data directly from games, including Radio Stack info from Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 and 10.

Software Development Kit included for creating game-specific programs to interact with the MFD but can get a bit buggy at times.

Choice of red, amber or green button illumination, Illuminated buttons and MFD – ideal for low light environments.

Throttle unit illumination varies depending on throttle position,  Enhanced MFD backlighting.

Improved cable management system.

Joystick: Precision centering mechanism, non-contact technology on X and Y axes and constant spring force reduce free play, improve control and increase durability.

2-stage metal trigger, 2 primary buttons in 1 convenient position,  4 fire buttons including missile launcher with spring-loaded safety cover for instant access, Conveniently positioned metal pinkie switch provides shift functionality to double up on programmable commands. 2 X 8-way Hat Switches,   3-position rotary mode selector switch with LED indicators.

3D rudder twist with lock out so you have the choice of using pedals or not.

3 spring-loaded, base-mounted toggle switches for up to 6 programmable flight commands,   5-position handle adjustment system to suit all hand sizes.

Throttle: Progressive throttle with tension adjustment, detents for afterburner and idle.  2 fire buttons, Scroll wheel with built-in button, Mouse controller / hat switch with left mouse button,  8-way hat switch, 2 x rotary controls, Smooth-action slider control, Clutch button initiates ‘safe mode’ to allow on-the-fly profile selection, or to display button functionality without activating. Compatibility: Windows 7, XP/XP64, and Vista.

Remember to get a TrackIR if you plan on flying those planes.. there is nothing like head control in cockpits! you could also try freetrack and facetrack if your trying to save some money, but I strongly suggest just getting the trackir and be done with it!

My personal experience is I love them for flight sims and auto racing..but for ground pounding FPS , it’s the first product that actually gave me motion sickness ever! I just use mine now for flight and race. Warning, they do burn out / break and if past warranty (1 year I think) they(NP)will not replace nor offer a discount on another through contact. My email experience with their sales was less than satisfactory. You buy it, you use it and replace it at cost period. They should last more than a year at this price and my first one lasted exactly one month past. I then started to think of freetrack etc and still settled on giving them my money once again after being without for a year or so. (note: I gave up all flight games during that time also..sigh) Friends with the old 4 version have had theirs for years. I don’t know if this is a quality issue on the 5 version but time will tell on my next setup. Read their forums on quality issues and make a choice. BEWARE: Once you use one, you can’t live without them!

3/28/12 NOTE: I have now gone through my 2nd TrackIR 5.. The 2nd one just “overpowered for USB hub” errors now (shorted out? sitting on monitor again?). Shuts down whole system till unplugged. Doesn’t even have to be turned on. I wont even bother contacting them anymore, just toss in garbage.

I purchased a TrackIR 4 from another site  at a discounted price and this will be my “Final” TrackIR device. I do fly alot..but the longevity is just not worth the cost at this point. Seems I also been wasting money on the newer version.. the 4.0 pro works just as well in the games “I” play. in fact, I just kept all the software and profiles on my computer from the second TrackIR Version 5 I had, connected the 4.0 pro and everything worked just fine. In some respects better! I always had a hard time looking down into cockpits.. that problem has seemed to go away in the 4.0 pro for “me” in my short testing time.  ymmv. I still must give NaturalPoint and TrackIR a kudos for ingenuity for us flight enthusiasts [GS] 7/10

With that said about TrackIR, Microsoft is about to hit the PC market hard with Kinect and might just be one reason why TrackIR is “not” suppported in their Microsft FLIGHT title? (hint: just use your mouse emulation “software” under trackir folder and make a profile for a joystick button to latch down your right mouse button and you will then have TrackIR in MS FLIGHT.. not perfect, but works.)

Don’t forget a good gaming mouse. I am very partial to the logitech mx-518, now in new model form as the G400 . This mouse wont break the bank and works very well in all type of games. Once your use to those extra buttons you cannot live without them. The optical is right on the money and it has logitech support. what more could you ask for? [GS] 9/10

Remember a quality gaming keyboard when your out shopping!! They do add very much to gameplay and I just cannot live without lighted keys any longer!

I use the G510 keyboard. To be honest, it replaced my worn out G15 and is a bit smaller on key layout and something to get use to all over again, which is not working to well. The cheaper 110 would be the better buy actually, it has the usb 2.0 ports and to be more honest, the LCD, well it hasnt caught on much and limited programing for it. So mine usually just displays the date and time.

You do get more macro’s with this unit and can adjust the colors of the keys. Plus, you have built in memory so you can take those profiles along with you. They dropped the 1.0 USB ports on the back , which did allow you to flash your profiles and take them along that way. Added a scroll for volume control and overall not a bad update, but I miss my G15..sigh. Both models rated [GS] 8/10 for what they offer. and once again..I miss my G15 larger key layout..sniff..

Graphics card suggestions: Nvidia 560 or better  OR  ATI 6870 or better period..  if you wish to enjoy your games as a gamer! If you have the extra bucks, by all means get better and may I suggest an Nvidia 670 card.. I enjoy the GIGABYTE version with three fans! These run around 400.00 at time of this update. The 600 series allows you to have up to four monitors attached. Amazing card and as powerful as their 680, which is a 100.00 savings. I usually wait on “new” products.. the 670 was well worth an upgrade from a 560 card.. simply amazing performance for the money spent. Example game: Sniper Elite V2 BENCHMARK under extras: same settings: Average 560 FPS: 37.7 Average 670 FPS: 86.4.. nice upgrade.. everything runs so much better and at ultra high..looks like a new game.

Antec Khuler 620 works like a charm for cooling your CPU!

Upgrade your system to play games properly! I been a long time fan of AMD till the z68 chipset came out for Intel. Let me first say going from a dual core to a quad core AMD 3.0ghz was like night to day in difference. That would be my bare minimum suggestion to anyone gaming.. Quad core 3.0ghz or better.. and ofcourse the graphics card of choice above.

Now with that said.. I went from night to day again with an under 500.00 upgrade. Intel I5 2500k  cpu (overclocks above 4.0ghz easy with a press of a button in a windows app.), Gigabyte z68 chipset motherboard, 8 gigs of kingston 1600 DDR3 memory and a 60gig SSD drive for caching my old sataII drive at around 230 mb/sec. This “IS” the gaming system under 500.00 in an upgrade. Adding in SataIII  HD and SSD will just make it a rocket and a future update for me… till then..I am very content.

You will not regret it.. you might add to it.. I love everything about it! Here is a little video on how the new chipset and Intel’s Rapid Storage Program (Intel Smart Response) works.

Oh, if you want..think of a projector for your monitor and play those games on 70 to 120 inch screens! Makes it interesting. You can get into this for around 200.00 us.. buy a cheap one first and see if you like it. They can double as your new way to watch those movies streaming from netflix etc.. it’s all fun.. Once you decide you really like it.. then spend the big bucks for the better models. Remember, the cheap one will show quality of old time TV, before LCD and especially before my Plasma quality. Know what your getting into and don’t expect miracles and HD clarity for 200 bucks!

Once you start looking for a better model, don’t settle on anything less than a 1920×108 1080p “native” resolution or your going to still basicly be at the 200 dollar level. Optoma HD20 or even better the Epson 8350 are under/around $1000.00 units with  native 1080p and good reviews. From there the price can go to five figures and what your willing to spend.

Good one on the CHEAP and fun can be found here!

Life is good! This is Birds of Steel XBox 360 on 120 inch screen with vvme 05 Projector(about 200 bucks) Just held an Olympus camera and filmed it to SD.. Note: the darken sides and older grain was from the camera not the projector.. low light and turned out pretty good for that WWII effect..:) So I didn’t do it again..

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