First & Third Person Shooters

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First Person Shooters are just that. You as ONE person fighting on the field and looking down the barrel of the gun. Third person over the shoulder shooters will also be included here. This is probably the most popular of games for PC and Online communities. Use to be a very good modding community and map making community for most games released. But now that DLC has taken more money from our pockets and the greed effect of companies, it’s hard to find a game with SDK support. Those are the REAL PC gamers games and deserve first look by any PC gamer. Although all these games are basicly the same, Some have features more unique than others. Learn what your game offers to get that immersive feeling…get involved and escape reality for a bit. You might even learn something for the real world.

America’s Army Proving Grounds FREE!

Look for “” in server listing or IP:

Looks like America’s Army is back on track with their game plan and our tax dollars.. Hey if I got to pay taxes I may as well enjoy a game doing it! I’m sure there will be conspiracy theories saying the game plants a worm on your system.. meh.. worm away.. Although the beta lacks a “lean” feature at this stage.. it still feels like old school in current beta and it rocks. Fast pace yet “tactical” deployment will be needed.

If they are “smart”, they will get “lean” added (they are working on it) and change very little else to the current conditions and concentrate on many more maps/scenarios to make it a “long standing” success. If they are real smart.. MAP tools so those capable of making Unreal maps can either release them or submit them for approval and/or tweaking.. win win and saves some of the tax payers coin.. As the guy said “keep it simple stupid”..

Currently they added a few of the “old” maps with updates..6v6 and 12v12 gameplay.. flags to move and positions to hold. Their PC multiplayer layout is fantastic with dedicated server support and built in admin tools during game play. I can verify that an Nvidia 670 gtx sits on 90fps constantly with everything MAXED! That’s a pretty good start at optimized right there.. Feels great! Beta score [GS] 8/10

Outlast on Steam

I didn’t really know what page to put this on..but anyways.. if you like Horror pulls you in.. you will scream like a gurl! like I did!!

Watch live video from games-survival on TwitchTV

Outlast is very well done.. worth the 20 bucks! [GS] 8/10

Arma 3 came out of beta around September 12th.. I cannot honestly suggest it to anyone but hardcore gamers that don’t mind unoptimized games. It’s not the “users” equipment.. it’s the designers code. The limited equipped beta and small sized island had better performance than the release and look here for those results, sigh. The best of equipment may have you seeing still frames to stutters and losing any sense of enjoyment. Online play is just terrible at this time if of any size. They have the same bugs since arma 2 and call this “new”.. The idea of the Arma series has been fantastic, although the actual execution of it has been dismal at best since the conception. excuses and fanboys have carried the series for years. shame.. [GS] 5/10

THE HUNTER – Join us in some Multiplayer Hunting

Watch live video from games-survival on TwitchTV and join in!

THEHUNTER now with Multiplayer!! Up to 8 players!

Still the best LARGE forest in the gaming community! This game looks fantastic and plays well with others!!  You can play for free if you stick to hunting Mule Deer..

UPDATE 7-18-13: The FOX has just been added into the game as a free predator to hunt for members. Also new, is a .223 rifle for this size game which would include the coyote, roe deer and turkey. The following youtube shows the beauty of the forest this game offers. Outstanding game play for those that enjoy hunting. vote for this game to be added to the steam system.

I suggest the top package for a year.. they need a package for lifetime members. [GS] 8/10

Metro: Last Light sale !

Watch live video from games-survival on TwitchTV

Was able to snatch Metro: Last Light on sale and must excellent looking game.. but.. if you have the fear of spiders… you might like to pass this game..and that video.. [GS] 8/10

Iron Front: Liberation 1944 revisited! [GS] 7/10

Although the developers are hardly heard from, patches do not exist and the community has all but dried up, I would still suggest this as the BEST WWII TANK game on the market! Granted it uses the laggy Arma 2 engine.. but if you have a “good” system it is still very playable in the 35-75fps area..

There are still websites that support the game and a nice mission repository can be found here. Please, if you like tank battles at all get the Panzer Leader Series which can be played in single as well as multiplayer using user made scenarios.. it is well done and shows just how good this game is at TANK battles. The editor included with this game should make it timeless. It just takes some effort from those that really enjoy WWII tank battles. Although also located in the strategy section here, it is as much an FPS game as a Strategy game. YOU control the tank and the crew from multiple views inside and out.

Insurgency 2 out on steam Alpha Version!

Insurgency started life as a Half-Life mod.. I personally thought it was a great mod.. It must have been because now its a standalone offered on Steam!! Say what you want about graphics.. this is a very tactical shooter and the best sound in any game of this type. They allow jumping like those bunny hoppin games..but no firing while “jumping”.. They also allow going prone but no dive and fire.. leaning is there.. climbing is there..  it’s all very realistic with teamdeath match and capture zones etc.. and they have modes in multiplayer that once you die… you “wait” for the others to die as well.. this is realistic! You really need to check this out for the 15 bucks.. you will love it or hate it.. SDK and dedicated servers are in the mix.. whats not to like!!  [GS] 8/10

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 March 12th Release

UPDATE: 3-20-2013

Two more maps added to team death match and another for deathmatch mode. kudos for getting these out fast.. but.. now make a hardcore mode.. just to easy at this time. The Temple Crossing map for TDM game mode is really well done. Would rate it with the best of any game TDM map in this size and bumps my hopes up a little for this title.

Glad it was FREE..doubt anyone would have purchased any this early.. Just keep adding one every month keeps the community alive… ask Sniper Elite V2 team..;-)

BTW, the game does feel smooth in MP and I was getting 90-110 FPS with a Nvidia 670 on maxed out settings.. so thats a plus.. as is the single player for “me” as far as FPS rates go.. They did optimize the game it seems.. At present it is an “ok” game..

UPDATE 3-26-12: Hardcore mode added along with new DLC Mission Siberian Strike!

NOW they got us a Sniper game..Kinda Sorta..

“IF” only CI waited the extra month and released all this together at 39.99 they would have scored much higher on reviews.. some may have reached 80/100!!

I am quite content with the performance and their ability to listen to the community with the additon of hardcore and a few more Multiplayer maps! The new Campaign now makes the game feel complete and a very well done campaign mission! So for the 40 bucks, which is under the cost of most triple A titles you get two missions in single player, 4 multiplayer maps and easy and hardcore modes… that is a game worth playing.. although dedicated servers would also be a big PLUS!!

Obviously “Management” failed with the early release.. this team is “very” capable of making a good game and great looking scenarios! Now if they would only offer the “dismemberment” as DLC to areas capable of using it… sigh..

UPDATE 4-11-13: Patch for low memory systems and hud disappearing on Siberian DLC..  overdue is another Multiplayer map to appear.. we can hope at least..

Thanks for the continued support CI… hope to see it continue! [GS] 7/10

Tomb Raider ’s Single player is Fantastic!

Tomb Raider went on sale March 5th and so far it looks and plays pretty good. You will find a bit of survival involved in this one along with some great graphics. Now in first/third person mode it looks fantastic! Although a bit linear with use of  “certain key” action gameplay it is still one of the “best” singleplayer games I have ever played!  There is a movie type play to it using cut scenes before and after battle quite often; which has been done in a very high level. Rambo has nothing on this gurl! The buy in for Single player alone is well worth it, but to my surprise there is also a full Multiplayer game inside. Although not on the level of the best Shooters out there today and lacking dedicated servers, it has its unique moments with traps etc. and well worth investigating. I have to say I am very impressed with this title even though the company seemed to choose ATI format over Nvidia and seems some with Nvidia cards are having problems. I use a 670 Nvidia and keep TressFX off which makes the game work just fine!   [GS] 8/10

Arma 3 Alpha

Arma III has gone live with an “alpha” version. Although limited to one small Island a few vehicles, 4 single player and 2 multiplayer scenarios it is still stable enough to enjoy the updated graphics and a few new moves. At 32.99 for the Alpha you also get the beta and full release come quarter 3 2013. The community has already expanded the playfield with old standard plays such as Domination, Evolution etc etc. I personally like the close combat play of player versus player in Blitzkrieg games and suggest you search them out and give it a try! Being an “Alpha”, things happen and change in most of these scenarios will have to move forward as well. Expect servers going down and new versions appearing for quite some time. You still get a chance to see this evolve at a savings! I have enjoyed it so far! [GS] 8/10

Crysis 3 through Origin only at this time.

Graphics are just awesome in this game.  I enjoy the single player but the shining moments for “me” are multiplayer in a version called Cell vs Rebel with “no” nanosuits! Although you can play it with a nanosuit and be a bit futuristic in abilities.. This gameplay makes CoD look like kids play. Umm which it is. Maps are very open and very detailed. A must play for anyone liking FPS games! [GS] 8/10

Sniper Elite : Nazi Zombies releases Feb. 28th

If you have yet to try Sniper Elite V2 (few more multiplayer maps have been added!), you really have overlooked a great sniper game set in WWII.. below is a few of us still playing in the online server..

Watch live video from games-survival server on TwitchTV

But anyways..

They have a stand alone Nazi Zombies coming out for just 15 bucks! Same great features as in Sniper Elite V2 but as a coop or single player against Zombies. Fun game in single player and coop.. well worth the buy in at 15 bucks! [GS] 7/10

Farcry 3 releases December 4th (North America)

Single Player is looking good during the first twelve hours of play and does have a map editor to make your own adventures, which includes animal hunts along with those badguys. Although I do not understand the crafting part that much when it comes to “which” skins do what, it does move the story along. Which btw includes some umm mushroom trips. On a 670 nvidia with I5 cpu I can maintain 60 fps in ultra mode with no problems. The map is a beauty to behold while the characters are about average for this day and age.

Multiplayer on the other hand kinda sucks.. instead of dedicated servers  we once again get a peer hosting console type play which migrates or lags once the fun begins. The maps are pretty well made along with the game modes though. The killcam has a bit of a twist to it and ofcourse melee is always fun times in MP maps.  I would suggest staying in maps with twelve or less low ping players when possible.  There is no way to turnoff Items such as radar that I have “noticed” yet. So it turns into a run and gun lag fest. Shame, this one had a chance as a decent shooter actually. I have enjoyed some time in it but see it just as a “addon” to a wonderful singleplayer.

Co op supports four players with their own little setup; but once again if you have been playing shooters, two is plenty and four becomes a boring walk through the badguys.

The editor is pretty slick but ubisoft chose to not allow AI or Animals in the multiplayer maps. Big mistake! I can see how this could be another “dayz mod” or ”warZ” type map making game. It’s mostly all there but nixed by a publisher.   I would suggest getting it for the hours in single player and ways of playing, but time will tell how much life is in this game for the long run…  [GS] 7/10 overall.

Farcry 3 Animals..hunt back!

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on STEAM!

So let’ say you run out of ammo during the survival? Well.. you can always fall back to STEEL! I use to love playing RUNE for slashing people online in a viking setting. This game here, has it all as well in the Medival setting with first and third person views. The graphics are UNREAL engine and the game play is a blast! Many ways to play and well worth the buy in if this is your cup of tea! I got mine on sale for 12 bucks..I would now have been happy to pay the full 24 dollar purchase. There are still a few bugs they need to work out and a tutorial that actually worked would be nice. Overall though, you will soon learn the fighting skills needed to enjoy some gore and limb removals!  [GS] 8/10

War of the Roses

I personally like Chivalry a bit better but there are features in WotR that does give it a nod to play. The execution of your enemy is very very satisfying to say the least! The game plays a bit more like a RPG in respect to unlocks and building up. The world is a bit larger and over all the modeling “looks” a bit better, better than Chivalry till they start moving. You will put in much more time learning and building your character as well as playing online maps. The execution in sword play is a bit much. Watching that “ring” in front of your man all the time is a real pain and takes away from the immersion. There are mounted knights as well and the horses look good. Overall, it’s eyecandy with fair execution.. I just love using the word execution in this game.. as the video above shows it’s the glory of the multiplayer. [GS] 7/10

WarZ has been released with some features still unavailable.

Yes, it is a rip of DayZ Mod.. or should be said same concept.. The graphics are much better and game play a bit quicker due to smaller map size. You can actually HIDE in fields and grass instead of just thinking you are hiding as in DayZ-Arma2 environments.  Instead of tents you put up as you like in the DayzMod to hold items scavanged, you will take items back to safe zones in WarZ. This is good and bad, The good being you don’t have to worry about your tent being plundered and/or destroyed while you are gone. But the bad part has created bandit choke points getting to those safe zones. Many have opted to just log off a busy server and find an empty server to continue on to a safe zone to deposit their scavanged wares.

You also get five characters you can share your goods with. Once you die your character has to wait an hour before getting back into the game, unlike Dayzmod which is just one character reborn with nothing right away. Your other characters however, can be chosen and you can continue playing with them, which might have some items you have scavanged from earlier gameplay. The dead character after an hour can respawn but again empty handed. You will make your way back to a safe zone for your supplies stored or will start scavanging again thruout the game world. And that is the game.. beware of EVERYONE!

The only fault I find so far with WarZ is no looking over your shoulder as can be done in DayZmod. You must turn your whole body to look around. After months on end playing DayZ mod.. this really is a burden from game play. The Audio sounds really need some work as well. You may be walking on a cement sidewalk and it sounds like a steel grating. Also, any walking around in structures is way over done and LOUD!! Night times are shortened in WarZ and come as a blessing if you played the pitch black of DayZ. The Moon light makes you capable of still moving around without or with a flashlight that is stable and useable. Another nice feature is they will be monitoring closer for HACKS they say (but some exist already)!! which have just about killed the experience in DayZmod. Even in Alpha state there is less bugs then in DayZMod. I really thought I would not like this game in favor of DayZ.. But honestly, after getting a FREE two day guest pass from a friend.. I purchased the 24.99 version with just hacker regrets which might just ruin the game as well.  Till the frustrations of hackers hit hard, we have another SURVIVAL game to play for a bit. [GS] 6/10 point off for hacks getting out of control.

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter PC

What an EPIC single player! I must say I was very impressed with the action filled within the single player of this title. The Hurricane Fight through the flooded town alone is worth the admission, which I got at 40 percent off! You will continue the adventure with Mother and Preacher and the rest of the cast! I am usually pretty down on the games coming out these days.. not with this title! I enjoy it more than Medal of Honor or Bad Company 2 as well as Battelfield 3.. As good if not better than Modern Warfare 3 and I hate Blackops and will not even waste my time with Blackops 2.. so this will be it for now in the fast pace run and gun arena if not falling back to COD4 (Modern Warfare 2.. the last good COD game.).

Multiplayer could use a few more maps and I am sure they will appear. The 8 offered are just fantastic for this CBQ type play. The Gun Models look fantastic as do the players! There is a real sense of teaming up with your Fireteam buddy to keep ammo and health going. together, you can do anything! The game offers REAL dedicated servers which is a blessing from the stale laggy COD franchise. I been won over with this title in many ways.. Although the game supports 20 players I really enjoy the smaller 12 player servers. Very intense fighting with a rather easy build up of guns and addons. Even the killstreak events don’t bother me and seem fitting in this day and age. My “only” gripes..  More destructive environments,  no way to change teams easily in multiplayer? why did they forget this? and the menu system overall is a bit confusing. Once you get a handle on it though.. excellent game! You could do much worse spending your money on other so-called “A” games currently out.. [GS] 8/10

A standalone version of Dayz Mod is set to release at end of 2012.. hmm 12-21-2012 would be a nice release date.. or 12-22-2012 if we are still around..;) Read more here

I Am Alive is now available for PC via Steam.

Download Today!

I Am Alive casts the player as a lone survivor in a believable, dark and insecure post-apocalyptic world. One year after the Event, a worldwide cataclysmic event that wiped most of the human race, a man struggles for survival in a desolate city as he tries to reunite with his long lost wife and daughter.

Overall a pretty fair looking game while trying to survive. Maybe a bit much on the climbing and jumping and linear design, but you will find some entertainment here and there for the survival aspect crowd. Could have been much more. GS [7/10]

Counter Strike Global Offensive now available on STEAM! $13.49

Unless you been living under a rock since 1999.. Counter Strike is the largest online First Person Shooter out there!  Now updated graphics, movements and maps will bring it up to date and carry it’s fame into the future. Preorders get into the beta August 14th and the game goes live August 21st!  $14.99 full price!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) will expand upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 12 years ago.

CS: GO features new maps, characters, and weapons and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content (de_dust, etc.). In addition, CS: GO will introduce new gameplay modes, matchmaking, leader boards, and more.

“Counter-Strike took the gaming industry by surprise when the unlikely MOD became the most played online PC action game in the world almost immediately after its release in August 1999,” said Doug Lombardi at Valve. “For the past 12 years, it has continued to be one of the most-played games in the world, headline competitive gaming tournaments and selling over 25 million units worldwide across the franchise. CS: GO promises to expand on CS’ award-winning gameplay and deliver it to gamers on the PC as well as the next gen consoles and the Mac.”

A must buy for any serious FPS player! GS [7/10]

UPDATE TO SNIPER ELITE V2: Patch July-2012 has added a new map and options!
Kaiser-Friedrich Museum Map comes to Multiplayer along with NoCross server options!

UPDATE August: Another FREE Multiplayer map! Inferno has been added to the mix with a few bug fixes! This game just keeps getting better.. best Sniper game for PC bar none!

New Features/Content:

- New multiplayer map: “Kaiser-Friedrich Museum” available for all game modes, including “No Cross”.
- “No Cross” game setting added, which keeps teams on their own half of the map. All maps updated to support this rule.
- Extended the amount of ammo that can be carried by the player from clip+30 to clip+60.
- Added Benchmark option under the Extras menu. This will run a benchmark test scene and display the average frame-rate for the current display settings, as well as saving a more detailed log file to the user’s Documents folder.
- Added menu buttons for muting players.

Dedicated Server improvements:

- Kick feature now available to remove players based on ping. The command is Settings.MaxLatency. Users should read the command reference for further information.
- Setting dedicated server ports from the comand line now working.
- Print more information when clients are rejected due to steam authentication failures
- Print the location of the ban file when read from disc
- Added “Lobby.StartTimer” command for setting the duration of the lobby countdown timer
Sniper Elite v2… It just keeps getting better! [GS] 8/10

Rune Classic available on STEAM! best 10 bucks you could spend!

Played this over and over and over again in its day…. One version or another has been on my current system of the day.. just a fun Deathmatch Multiplayer hack and slash game! 6 out of 5 stars for in its day! Think of this as skyrims OLDER Brother! And a NEW version is in the future! You can follow HumanHead Studio on Facebook.  [GS] 9/10 for its day! Really brings back memories of simple times and fun slashing with heads a rollin!

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 takes the bulls-eye precision of their best-selling predecessor to new and exciting heights. Release date Oct. 9th, 2012

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is pushed back till June 2012 on Steam. There was a few problems in the SGW1 for online play which included of all things a RADAR?? This suppose to be a sniper game. I noticed they mention a Thermal scope now.. if this is their new RADAR it will ruin the online experience. No Prone, Frags, Pistol running rushers and Radar killed the first one for online play.. let’s see if they ruin the 2nd as much. Sometimes, you got to wonder what developers are thinking when they title these games for one niche and then make it a mass fail changing it to another.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier – XBox360

There is nothing fair, honorable, or just about combat. There is only winning and losing – the dead and the living. The Ghosts don’t fret about even odds. They do everything in their power to overwhelm and obliterate the enemy. Future technology is the key to winning an asymmetric battle. In Ghost Recon Future Soldier join an elite team of highly trained, cut-throat special-ops soldiers. Armed to the teeth with unrivalled combat technology and cutting-edge military hardware, Ghost Recon takes you to the globe’s most deadly warzones to hunt down the highest value targets. Only the dead fight fair.

Times are changing.. OLD dogs like recliners more than computer chairs..

This will be my FIRST fulltime “Third person shooter” I will devote time to on the XBox360. I already been through the COD and Battlefield series on the PC and it’s time to grab a controller and lean back in the recliner! Releasing 5-22-12! Review to follow! PC release date is 6-12-12

DayZ Mod for Arma Combined Operations Game..  First, yes it’s a mod and continued being worked on..when it works.. it works great.. then at times it does not.. with that said.. This is About as close to actual SURVIVAL we are going to get to date in a PC game.. and it’s FREE if you already have the Arma games. Check this out.. You need to find food and water and SURVIVE! Once your character dies..your DEAD! And you will need another Character… Your Character Keeps all his Items throughout the servers.. You must SURVIVE and beware ALL PEOPLE in Maps.. oh..and ZOMBIES!! Yeah, well Zombies is Overkill..but keeps it moving, just think of them as unarmed bandits with a taste for blood… [GS] 7/10 point off for hacks getting out of control.

Get it HERE

Install video below:

And remember – Friends ON TeamSpeak are better than going it Alone!

Unfortunate as it is.. just not enough servers up and rental services want way to much for per slot Arma Servers. Which would mean a whole box rented would be the best deal.  Hopefully, more groups will jump on this mod and we can have about 100 servers up! Just being in its early stages it’s already a winner in my mind. You actually have to “think” and avoid while surving with minimal supplies! How long can you last?

Now on to FULL games..

Sniper Elite V2 RELEASED MAY 1st 2012

I already enjoyed the one level demo tremendously! The Game itself, is well worth the admission! The single player at least will be a big hit with those that love the Sniper characters. Slow motion hits are very graphic! Couldn’t ask for much more at this point. The Multiplayer side will be just as good once we have more maps! You get three to start with.  And Rebellion had this to say about future PC DLC: “By providing free DLC after release we’ll be giving PC gamers something extra to make Sniper Elite V2 an even more rewarding game and keep their enjoyment of it going.”

Well done and as good as any game out there. This will be the SNIPER game of choice with proper maps and servers without a doubt! Servers are limited to 12 players and fill up quickly! Many complain about lag, I would suggest you join a server under 100 ping and make sure it is Dedicated! As for co-op, some have trouble connecting if behind routers and yes co-op is to easy for two people, even on hardest setting. You might also try turning OFF the kill Cam under Options / Game if you have lag spikes in Multiplayer.

The first details of the multiplayer component of Sniper Elite V2 have finally been revealed by Rebellion games. Sniper Elite V2 will feature both competitive and co-operative modes on PC. However, Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will only get the co-op modes.

Last month, the following 2 player online co-op modes have been confirmed via forum post, that all platforms should receive:

  • Kill Tally – As waves of enemies storm in players must race against the clock to eliminate as many as possible in order to achieve the highest possible kill count.
  • Bombing Run – Gamers must escape a scheduled bombing run but the only getaway vehicle is broken. Before the bombs fall, the area must be searched for parts and fuel while remaining unseen.
  • Overwatch – Players combine separate skillsets as a sniper and an operative and work in tandem to take out enemies.
  • Campaign – Fans play through the single-player campaign with a friend

As for competitive multiplayer, the team has recently confirmed that Sniper Elite V2 on PC will have Team Deathmatch with up to 12 players. The developers stated, “we are very proud to finally confirm that the Team Death Match multiplayer, with dedicated server, will be available for the PC version of Sniper Elite V2 at launch. Currently, the intention is to support up to 12 players in competitive multiplayer.” It’s been fun so far! and yes, unlike Ghost: warrior.. Kill cam slow motion bullet is included in Multiplayer! [GS] 8/10

Ghost Recon Online – Free to Play!

It’s still in the beta stage but I am having a blast in this “free to play” version online.
Take’s me back to squad days and teamwork. The graphics I would not call cutting edge but they work. Actually, nothing seems cutting edge and some parts are a bit “gimmicky” but they work. The maps are built well and the fun is all there to be had! I am a bit disappointed with the network access although in the end it does work. Many items to choose from to equip your man. If you feel like getting back to the basics and ground pounding without helos, tanks etc.. sign up for the beta and have a look! [GS] 7/10

From the makers of Doom, Wolfenstein and Quake.. worth the admission.. Yes, there are mutants.. they made Doom didn’t they? This is what I thought the Fallout Series would be like.. this to “me” is better. Less of an RPG and more linear but tons more fun!  Runs smoothe on my system and keeps me smiling. [GS] 8/10

Modern Warfare 3 released 11-8-11..As a PC User.. I pass.. for “me” it’s just the same old thing done over and over. COD 4 and World at War was the last in this series allowing for SDK user mods.. since then, it’s small maps and small game play from small minds. Nothing here interest me..especially at 60 bucks a pop..You can buy into the advertisements if you wish to, I already been there and done that.. pass!

UPDATE 7/1/12: Yup, nearly  eight months later I seen a 50 percent off sale. I always liked the single player part of COD series and was in a buying mood.. It turned out “ok” for 30 bucks. Also, the Collections 1 and 2 DLC have a 50% off.. but thats still 8 bucks a pop.  Still, I got them and must say although the new content looks pretty appealing, it’s still over priced at 50 % off.

Here’s the kicker though.. Dedicated servers are BACK! With a catch I can live with. You can configure and have FTP all you want now. But the dedicated servers are UNRANKED period. I never seen a company shoot themselves so many times in the same foot. Still we got a 18 player server running the way ‘we” like it for memories of the “good ole days” instead of the P2P lagfests that are ranked? I don’t need no stinking rank.   [GS] 6/10

Battlefield 3… it’s been released…it is “THE” game to play for Modern FPS!

With that’s over the top on trouble to run some stupid game.. uses browsers and plugins and every kind of accept thing, you may have given your pension over to this company by time it launches.. so BEWARE..and patient..

I finished the Campaign! It was totally fun!! looks awesome..think Bad Company 2 on fact, alot of the buildings etc are the same as in Bad Company 2! Servers are set like Bad Company 2 and needs  players to that kills adding a server to the 1000 others.. Also, all this stats stuff is a’s exploited to whats the point? must say, those I am friends with do like looking and comparing.. anyways..

When you finally get to play..and it works?? which now is most times, The maps are pretty neat.. and once again… it’s just like MOH and BC2.. all these games could just be DLC or half the price.. more of the same till the maps get old.. then on the shelf it goes.. But till then, it’s the best darn FPS shooter on the market to date bar none! Well worth the admission although lacking SDK tools to make it great.  [GS] 8/10

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, the leading tactical multiplayer WWII shooter on the PC (so they claim), will take the award winning Red Orchestra franchise(actually one game before this) into the next generation of gaming. Cutting edge graphics and audio built using the Unreal Engine 3, inventive features and streamlined realism will deliver an unrivalled tactical shooter experience.

The game has fallen under criticism for some bugs in level ups and achievements along with server browser problems on release. They have released three patches already and working on others although they keep breaking other parts when they do. People will complain about anything these days and granted, games should be polished before a release but stuff just happens.

UPDATE 2/8/12: After a closed beta, an open beta, another open beta after breaking parts again and a few months on the market it is still riddled with bugs.. The “talk” of a FREE fully functional SDK for mod and map making has appeared with as many “bugs” as the game had. No FREE DLC promised from day one has appeared yet.. I have lost all faith in this product at this point..  It could have been so much.. but ends with so little..

UPDATE 5/24/12: Seriously? After all this time ONE count ONE new map? Sniper Elite gave TWO new Multiplayer maps within a few weeks! Nothing to see here. Game still filled with BOTS and no people. They are trying a FREE weekend and price drop to $9.99 on Steam. I wouldn’t waste that much. $4.99 tops! A total waste of time for what they say they fixed. Even in the UPDATE they mention they still don’t have RANKED servers fixed.. pathetic at best.

[GS] Rated: 5/10 dropped for content not delivered, yet promised months ago and terrible company support. Although I secretly hope them success it’s not looking good and never played anymore.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River released! First Impressions: The campaign  I enjoyed. Nice graphics, sound effects! Pretty good play on experienced or higher. No regrets in purchase in this department.. it sits between ArmaII and COD nicely. Im getting solid 60fps (vsync on) with a 460 card on 3ghz quad and lovin it. A bit linear in design but a nice update from Dragon Rising. Has possibilities of becoming a nice co-op game for smaller groups. More dlc releasing soon and needed, limited in Multiplayer maps although the AI keeps changing around.

I would like to recommend this.. but I can’t. It’s fun but short and becomes repetitive.. They are firm on not releasing an SDK for Red River which means no user content for mods or maps.. this ends this series for me. I would suggest getting Dragon Rising which did come with a map editor. Big mistake by Codemaster not including an SDK.. end of series.  [GS] 7/10

Steam store page:

Homefront has been released! Turns out to be an ok kinda game. to many toys in it and it’s short on content. Single player you should finish in a few hours, while Multiplayer has around 8 maps. Was really looking forward to this one. They are all about the same these days, ohwell. not better or worse than the last MP FPS you played. It does have join by IP which I miss in some other games.

Fighting on USA soil. No survival skills needed, but fun fighting in the suburbs. All these games are getting so much alike. Homefront, Blackops, BadCompany 2, Medal of Honor, Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3.. they just vary by the maps and NONE can be PC user mod expandable.. [GS] 7/10

The hunter..a FREE hunting game! Well, it’s free till you want to hunt more than mule deer. Then you buy stuff.. it’s about 14.99 to get started for 3 months and well worth it. Without exception, this has to be the best looking online hunting game I have seen. Well worth looking into if you like hunting games. early morning fog in the valley, rays of  miday sunshine breaking through the forest trees, sunset watching right before turning in for the night,  simply amazing. It’s not all eye candy either, this game just plain rocks! Pull your GPS out and off you go traveling after Deer, Elk, Coyotes, Hogs, Turkey and Pheasant.  Just about every statistic you can think of has been included.  Share your stats, pictures and trophy kills with your friends. Although not a true Multiplayer game at this time(talk of possibly adding it), a few friends and I like to sit in teamspeak and talk about the hunts and where to find the game.

You have to walk through these woods to really enjoy how much effort has gone into the making of this game. Nature’s sound abounds from every crackling limb to the woodpeckers high above. Hunting games have taken a turn for the better since “theHunter” has come along. They even include the Boone and Crockett scoring for the game! What more could a hunter ask for! Well, I guess Bear and Mountain Lion would be nice additions, especially if there is a remote chance they may turn on you.  Wouldn’t want to worry all the time though. I really like what they did with the landscape and hope other companies take notice.

I could see a nice HUGE sniper game here to, sorry drifting away in the beauty of the scenery. anyways,  give it a shot(pun intended) and enjoy the sights and hunts currently available. I am sure we are going to hear more from this gaming company! [GS] 8/10

Call of Duty: Black Ops , not as good as expected. Alot of run and gun with very limited maps. Purchased the first two DLC packs for some more maps and second look. Although they made some good looking maps, it’s still limited in the fun section for me anyways. Had an issue finding players on servers and when I did, some lag was felt. shame. [GS] 7/10

Bad Company2 and better yet,  Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam – Expansion pack , I like the Vietnam era and this game is solid! [GS] 8/10

All four multiplayer game modes from Battlefield: Bad Company 2, including the genre-defining Conquest Mode, will be playable in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam. The expansion is integrated with the full game persistence, so no matter what theatre of war you participate in, you will continue to level up your soldier as usual.
•5 Brand New Maps: From the rice fields of the Phu Bai Valley to the napalm scorched earth of Hill 137, five distinct Vietnam-based maps each bring a fresh visual and gameplay experience
•6 Immortalized Vehicles: Skim the treetops in the iconic American helicopter. Drive the sturdy Russian T54 tank and the nimble US PBR “Pibber” patrol boat, plus three more vehicles immortalized in the Vietnam war.
•15 Characteristic Weapons: Charge into battle with 15 new weapons modeled on their real life counter-parts, including the rare Navy SEAL XM22 machinegun and the characteristic M79 “Blooper” Grenade Launcher.
•Rocking 60’s Soundtrack: Listen to 8 radio channels in-game, featuring 2 hours of time typical tracks, including “Ride of the Valkyries” and “Fortunate Son” by CCR.
•True War Dialogue: All-new voiceovers for both American and Vietnamese forces, based on authentic communication from the Vietnam War.

Frontlines Fuel of War, excellent game play and team work! Looking forward to “Homefront” from these guys. This is a bargain bin priced game now and very overlooked. About the best team play I have found in “any” game online. [GS] 8/10

Blacklight Tango Down released on steam as another one of those “Run and Gun” shooters. Not really a bad game, uses the Unreal engine and has some good looking maps (12 in all) . Just don’t expect to play any strategy! Run, Scream and enjoy what it offers!! At 15 bucks (USA) it’s not a terrible buy.. it’s just not earth shattering in game play and a terrible multiplayer lobby/join thing! [GS] 7/10

Sniper: Ghost Warrior turned out to be an “ok” game. Pretty good single player. Will see if they release servers and make a few improvements in multiplayer. They have “radar” and run and gun nade throwers built in? What was they thinking? This could have been a winner with a few minor improvements.

Update: you can now use Hardcore mode and turn off the Radar in Multiplayer.. still no dedicated server software. [GS] 7/10

Found out I really like Operation FlashPoint Dragon Rising! No dedicated servers provided for this game , but we do play some co-op thru p2p and teamspeak. I personally feel it is a better optimized system, runs better, looks better and as a grunt, plays better then the ArmaII series. They also include a map editor with this version! So content will be available even if Codemaster discontinues it. The new OFP Red River does not include any SDK and for that reason alone I would suggest this over it, well it’s cheaper too.. [GS] 8/10

Metro 2033 is a single player, FPS that also incorporates RPG elements. Action played out in the role of young Artyom, is mission-based and because the game is based on the Glukhovsky novel, the storyline veers away from the anti-Russian stance that is often seen in post-apocalyptic stories and video games. Here the Russian characters are humanity, and fight every day against the terrors that nuclear war has wrought. These terrors come mostly in the form of mutants known as “Homo Novus,” who have invaded the Underground, as well as frightening alien-like paranormal creatures that haunt the gameworld.

The game hero, Artyom, has a certain immunity to the latter and a talent for dispatching the former, which together make him a very popular choice to be sent on missions. Combat throughout utilizes a mixture of improvised firearms and melee weapons. Balancing the use of these two is important because in this world of violence and scarcity, ammunition plays the duel role of protection and commodity. Throughout the game players will use ammo as much to purchase items and upgrades at different stations visited, as they will use it in combat. In addition, the choices made by players throughout the game register as “Enlightenment Points,” or the lack of them. Accumulated totals of these register as a variety of constructs such as curiosity, kindness and prejudice resistance that can and will lead to alternative story endings. Together with its unique inventory management system, engrossing storyline and replay value based on morality, Metro 2033 is sure to be a game not to be missed by FPS and RPG players alike. [GS] 7/10

Grabbed the latest ArmaII ArrowHead. You best have a good system to enjoy this game. Still a bit sluggish compared to other games, but there is alot going on. I really like the looks of fighting in the middle east! Whoever did the Mosques made them look very nice. Great addition for the ArmaII crowd. Although, I would highly recommend looking into Operation FlashPoint Dragon Rising. Looks as good as ArmaII but more Grunt fighting then anything. Less Vehicle selection, better command menu imho and runs very smooth on my system! (your mileage may vary) [GS] 8/10

Grabbed Borderlands during a Steam sale. Pretty nice little game! I have just not found enough time to dig deeper. Graphics and game play seem pretty good during some co-op matches. I guess it has not grabbed me as much as some others. More of an RPG/FPS mix.  [GS] 7/10

Darkest Hour mod for Red Orchestra is still one of the best Tank battle games you can find. Now in it’s final version 5.0! I cannot recommend red Orchestra without this mod attached. If you can find a server without whiners(good luck with that) and play tank battles it is excellent. [GS] 8/10

Killing Floor is an excellent Zomibe game while your trying to survive! Tripwire, makers of killing floor and the Red Orchestra series are simply great at follow up and continued support for this release! One of the few , very few PC gamer companies that have actual respect for the PC modding community and believe in followup support. This game title has surpassed all expectations and if your looking for zombie hunting co-op play, look no further! Priced right with solid support! [GS] 8/10

Left4Dead2, over rated , but still a very good Zombie survival game.. you could find some fun here. [GS] 7/10

SOLDNER Secret Wars”Community version”

So, you don’t want to spend the big bucks on a game? Or, your system is outdated and can’t play the new releases?

SOLDNER Secret Wars”Community version” , been patched and worked on the last few years to make a very playable 2004 game in 2011. Something FREE for “most” systems and Multiplayer! And the main thing.. the FUN level is high for blowing stuff up! The FPS game that had everything “before” all the current games! Although dated by the graphics engine, you will be surprised at everything that is within this title. Aircraft, Vehicles and Destruction is all included. [GS] 8/10

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    Arma 3 Alpha seems to be more stable than any “Alpha” I ever played on. Well worth getting into it early and remember “errors happen” while in Alpha and beta stages.. this is going to turn into a very well made game in “time”… seeya in the games!

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