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Finally got around to Silent Hunter 5 and enjoy getting my feet wet! This will be the BEST in Series once the community modders get ahold of it! The only version in the series that you actually walk thru the submarine.  [GS] 8/10

The Battlestation series fell short with lack of dedicated servers and connection problems right from the start. Shame, it could have been a winner..just to gamey and buggy [GS]7/10

Dangerous Waters is a modern day sea battle game.. this is a very large learning curve game and the graphics are a bit out dated.. but you have the ability to use modern day equipment. Once you get into it, it is a fantastic sim type game. [GS] 8/10


Naval Assault – XBox 360

Well, Moving over to the XBox 360 while trying to stay with Simulations I love on the PC, I have but one choice currently for submarines. Naval Assault is as close to a SIM as I found on the XBox360 for Submarines. It’s a shame UBSoft does not realize Silent Hunter series can fit nicely on the XBox 360. Anyways..

With Naval Assault you wortk your way through scenarios and update your submarine through five classes. There is a deck gun for those planes, sonar, torpedos and land mines. Destroyers will be hunting you as you hunt those cargo ships. The scenarios are pretty well done and you will get into the action a bit quicker than Silent Hunter service. You don’t control depth other than periscope, top and dive but it works out pretty good. not as much submersion as with the Silent Hunter series but could have been. The water and overall graphics are not bad, a bit arcadish looking but it works. Explosions are actually quite nice as well as watching the ships sink on top and below water. If your like me and starting to opt for the recliner over a computer chair, but miss your PC Sims.. it’s worth the admisssion.. Just don’t expect Silent Hunter quality. [GS] 6/10

An oldie but goodie PT Boats Series Knights of the Sea (2007) and South Gambit (2009) are now available through Steam.. at 15 bucks for the BUNDLE!! Well worth it… 10 bucks each.. Only PT Boat game your going to find.. Multiplayer is LAN only but works fine through Tunngle for Online play.. This just missed the mark at being an Awesome above water game. Well worth the time in escorting transports etc.. nice single player and mission editor included.. Online it’s a FPS Deathmatch with boats! DirectX10 supported. [GS] 7/10


Steam Group: PT Boats Series [USA]

Additional South Gambit Multiplayer Maps: download from battlefront.com

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