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Codemasters F1 2013 Pre-Purchase

F1 2013 continues Codemasters series with the additions of 1990′s cars and circuits also being available in their classic edition. The pre-purchase “might” build up with enough buyers to get a free copy of F1 2012(meh) and a 50% off coupon(Hmm.. I did pass on Dirt Showdown) on other codemasters titles. BUT , its all on a “tier” basis.. **Tier rewards may not be granted immediately after reaching the goal. All depends on the coax into pre-purchase. So far you get the F1 Race Stars game(9/1/13 meh, think Mario go karts. its ok, just not me. Pull out the controller and enjoy.)..

Freebie with Pre-Purchase of F1 2013

Please note that Pre-Purchase is a “buyer beware” roll of the dice and you could end up with a title as bad as NASCAR The Game 2013 .. Although codemasters seem more competent in their series, while we cannot say that of the other software house to date.. time will tell.. [GS] not yet rated

NASCAR The Game – 2013 

‘boogity-boogity’ 7/24/2013: Game is now released..sigh
Suggest a “pass” in current condition, which is ‘pit’thetic.. [GS] 4/10

NASCAR Friday the 13th Patch: Talk about a bad-luck day… they released a patch that allows them to add DLC while the game remains broke..and then ask for 6-7 bucks per repaint scheme pack as DLC.. bastards.. “IDIOTS”!

I filled this page to much on this POS of a game.. moved the FULL RANT HERE. Which basically says.. find another racing game..

Buyer Beware publisher/developer Gestapo has come to steam.  Don’t blame Steam.. blame childish frustrations from companies who cannot deliver the “sales pitch” on soiled goods.. weeks turn into months… gamers wait..[GS] 4/10


UPDATE: MOD SUPPORT comes to Grid 2 for PC!! Plus: Cockpit views created!! Now this is PC gaming! Enough with those console lame games… oh.. umm.. anyways..

There might not be a developer cockpit view… but damn this game is pretty and a ton of fun! It starts in Chicago and on streets I drove a Motorcycle on and about the same way 30 some years ago… I had no choice but to buy it..;-) Multiple controls worked fine first time out on the released version.

Night or Day the views look fantastic… Now the damaging effects are something else to be desired. But remember this is an Arcade’ish type game for Fun and it delivers that in spades! Damage is there and looks great.. but as you see in my second run video below.. you can pretty much just keep on going.

And don’t forget the Demolitions!

Watch live video from games-survival.com on TwitchTV

Other than some jerks here and there during load times.. performance is off the hook for this title! Released DLC at same time of title release, that should have been included with the released version and no cockpit view drop the score a notch.. With no server browser I have noticed the Multiplayer is lacking.. umm.. players.. They may have gone off into the wrong direction on their setup here with ‘match making and friends” only.. time will tell.. [GS] 7/10

Project Car - Not available yet..

Looks like the racing world will start a change soon for simulator and graphics combined? To early to say if just all bling or if there is substance…  Stay tuned..

Forza Motorsport 4 – XBox 360

The older I get.. the recliner is just so much better than a computer chair! I hate to say it… Long time fan of the PC..but Forza Motorsport 4 really pulls you in and has everything you will find on the PC! Think Codemaster series on the PC with a bit more.. Plus, no controller needed if used with Kinect for hand control and head turning.. obviously, you can use a controller if you wish. very nice package.. split screen local play.. lots of tracks and cars.. whats not to like.. [GS]8/10

Game Stock Car 2012

Brazilian racing, rFactor based then tweeked and improved drasticly for force feedback and AI performance. personally can’t get the demo to even run.. but the vid looks nice[GS] not tested

rFactor is probably the best simulator out there on the PC! [GS] 8/10


The first installment in the rFactor series featured mixed class road racing with ultra realistic dynamics, an immersive sound environment and stunning graphics. It was the game you would want to play. An rFactor 2 is on the horizon..

Race 07 is probably the second best on PC!

Race 07 can be purchased for 6 bucks on steam.. http://store.steampowered.com/app/8600/ dated but a very good racer on and offline..and at 6 bucks for the base game, what’s not to like? The game of choice when I want to relax doing a few laps.  [GS] 8/10

The DiRT Series by Codemasters is worth looking into if you like on and off road driving with some great visuals. DiRT 2 and DiRT 3 get a [GS] 8/10


I am not all that happy with Codemasters F1 series but that’s me and the style of racing. [GS] 7/10

Other than Burnout Paradise for fun [GS] 7/10 http://store.steampowered.com/app/24740/,

I don’t care much for the mechanics in the need for speed series at all..[GS] 6/10

New add-on out for Euro Truck 2..

Euro Truck Simulator 2

It actually has the feel of a truck almost.. Logitech DFGT wheel works fine in this game.. 150.00 usa new about 50-75.00 used on ebay usa..I assume equal value or less in uk.. Euro truck also allows you to combine controls.. I use my Saitek rudder pedals (saves room under desk with just one set for both sim types) as brake and gas while using the DFGT to drive.. stick shift works fine for forward reverse and no clutch really needed as the trans is synced as in real life.. Truck drivers use a clutch rarely while shifting thru the gears.. mainly at lights and to go into reverse.. oh and TrackIR is something else to look into.. works fine here as well..the game is also very moddable.. The onscreen navigator/GPS will have you owning the roads in no time.

The graphics pull you into this one.. it looks very nice. I drove a lot of USA Volvo trucks in my day and the interior although different than USA im sure..does have that layout and feel.. the mirror system works great as does the synced transmissions.. I found myself down shifting and using the mirrors like real life within minutes..backing to hook and unhook with total mirror control.. was very close to the real deal.. trust me.. I know..

Besides the work for hire mode, you can also start your own company while hiring other drivers to work for you. Although there is much variety and views…actually a lot of views.. at some point the countryside may seem like the same old thing after a bit.. but to tell the truth.. once you hook and get down the road.. they all look like the same old thing more times than not… so acceptable for this type sim, if not demanded…Time is not Real life timed and again trust me.. you will appreciate that. There is a fatigue and miles capable of driving per your experience level. This is a very good thing.. a log book would be another nice feature.. maybe I missed it.. but by law is required at least on this side of the pond. Which keeps up with hours driven and locations. You can legally drive for only so long.. and sleep is another law. Don’t complain about the AI traffic jams because again.. traffic happens.. and more times than not. it’s pretty close to life… and much better than I would have ever expected.. the rain on the windshields works great as does night driving..

They have a nice Music system allowing for your personal mp3′s etc set into a folder for game play along with “steaming” internet music. Although I would like to see a CB simulator added along with maybe a LTL delivery system put into play as well as multiplayer added just for road fun..

Additional thoughts would be to add some deer and animal jump outs across the roads.. and tire recaps on roads (alligators) as it happens and some of the more accidental problems of road drivers.. A walk around at rest areas so the driver can inspect his unit and kick the tires.. also happens.. on a two hour schedule if you’re a smart driver.. for what you get… its very well done and worth the buy in..[GS] 8/10

Farming Simulator 2013

Controller support for wheels etc just plain sucks..complete setup for controllers is pretty much childish and on a very low level of development.. if you are happy with just keyboard and mouse then fine.. otherwise move along. ok.. that’s the bad…the good.. looks decent..has MOD creation(think John Deere equipment!!), MAP creation and supports Multiplayer.. current best in Farming [GS] 7/10

Agricultural Simulator 2013

Another one with Controller support for wheels etc that just plain sucks..complete setup for controllers is pretty much childish and on a very low level of development.. if you are happy with just keyboard and mouse then fine.. otherwise move along. ok.. that’s the bad… but there is more… no multiplayer.. the good..well, it looks pretty good. that’s abou it.. [GS] 5/10

To keep on track with the theme of this website:
Driving simulators might come in handy to learn different type equipment for when the SHTF happens..or not..

that’s the basics right there for a truck.. although a hammer in screw driver might just pop the key area and allow for turn just as easy as a relay jump.. and at the end.. when he checks his hand brake.. umm.. I hope you removed the airline before pulling away.. also unhooked the fifth wheel and cranked down the legs.. anyways.. lets play some sims and games while we flip the bird to the world around us!

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    The reason I have ignored games like IRacing… is due to the money pit syndrome.. I am not into paying for my game over and over again. I usually ignore all PAY to play games in the Massive Online categories. Exception might be “theHunter.com“.. dang they got me hooked.. hate it! I know I got close to $300.00 into that one already.. they are all MONEY PITS! I got to break away..someday.. till then.. I best get back to hunting..

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