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Strategy games can be in many flavors.. from FPS to overview to 2d-3d.. etc etc.. Unfortunate for “me”, Strategy games are for the young. I have a hard time controlling one platoon in games such as Arma Series..   I use to love playing hours on end in strategy type games when turn based. Now with RTS(real time strategy) my OLD mind just cannot keep up..sigh.. anyways.. I still appreciate the work involved in this type game. Lets take a look at some of the best and worse of the lot..

Iron Front: Liberation 1944 revisited! [GS] 7/10

Although the developers are hardly heard from, patches do not exist and the community has all but dried up, I would still suggest this as the BEST WWII TANK game on the market!

There are still websites that support the game and a nice mission repository can be found here. Please, if you like tank battles at all get the Panzer Leader Series which can be played in single as well as multiplayer using user made scenarios.. it is well done and shows just how good this game is at TANK battles. The editor included with this game should make it timeless. It just takes some effort from those that really enjoy WWII tank battles. It is as much a FPS game as a Strategy game. YOU control the tank and the crew from multiple views inside and out.

Now this is an RTS WARGAME!

Wargame: AirLand Battle has been released and its a massive adventure! Over 800 units to combine to create a force to conquer the battlefield! The “grind” has been removed and the availability of all units will be there when you are ready and have time to create the deck you wish to use. Excellent visuals and game play. [GS] 8/10

DCS Combined Arms

while waiting on the DCS Huey release (released 4/30/13), I purchased the Combine Arms module to do some ground pounding in DCS World. My first impressions was to jump into FPS mode in a tank and take off.. I was very very disappointed! Trees 4 foot off the ground in most areas.. buildings lacked much in appearance. overall I was depressed.. I tossed it to the side and went back flying.. DCS was designed from the sky down not the ground up afterall!


The other night while “still waiting” on the DCS Huey(released 4/30/13)… I ventured back into the game and approached it as it should be done. I actually READ the manual and began an adventure into one heck of an RTS game!! This rates up there with Company of heroes and European Escalation on the “fun level”in my opinion.. without worry of placing more units and building modules. Ofcourse the graphics are more on par with early 2000ish titles at this time and the pathing is a bit fugly at times.. Still.. a Work in Progress..

But, Not only can you play the armchair general in oversight mode, you get to jump into any unit you wish during battles!! I am just cutting my teeth on this and yes for the second time.. the graphics are lacking a “bit”.. but overall a great module addition to DCS World and a game changer! [GS] 7/10

Company of Heroes 2 in beta for early purchasers!

I use to enjoy the first..and now moving to the eastern front with Germany against Russia.. the above video explores some of the added features to this outstanding strategy game. Release date is set for June 25th with beta already available to pre-orders!

D-Day Expansion added to Iron Front Liberation 1944

Add the sherman, another tiger and some yanks along with a normandy map..

modeling is not to bad.. Still the “best” WWII tank game out there at present time.

Iron Front: Liberation 1944 released May 25th!

If you liked the Arma 2 engine, but wanted to fall back to WWII era.. Your wish is about to come true. Look for the Iron Front: Liberation 1944 on Steam or a few other Digital download sites. BUT BEWARE!! LOTS OF BUGS!! THIS IS A SIM TYPE GAME.. So if you are not use to the Arma2 series interface there will be a learning curve worth learning.

Modding tools? included..

Now there are plenty of bugs and some crash to desktop while it settles in but I personally still think it’s worth the buy in! Since the days of Darkest Hour mod for Red Orchestra I been looking for another TANK game. This is going to be it! Although Steel Beast PE  is an excellent Tank experience, it totally lacks in ONLINE drop in play which limits it to “me” as a Single player game. What Iron front has done is bring back all the feelings found in that Darkest Hour mod and replaces the failed Red Orchestra 2 with something to behold.

Some quickly made Tank maps can be found HERE!

Place them in your MPMissons folder, Play them as NEW from multiplayer and launch your own LAN game.. learn the maps and execution of all items.. then get into the Multiplayer Online..

Example of how to control Crew in server after respawn:


Crashes seem to be limited to first time executions for this title.. then they go away.. Setting controls gave me the most crashes.. once setup..worked pretty good.. Not defending the’s full of small bugs.. just not game breakers for “me” yet.. The graphic settings can make the game look as ugly or “pretty” as you want. Pretty good atmosphere in the fields for a WWII game.. excellent work there. this is a hard game to walk away from if you like WWII tanks! [GS] 6/10

ARMA 3 release moved to Q4 2012

Arma 3, the latest installment of the tactical military simulation game from independent developers Bohemia Interactive, creators of the award-winning mil-sim series Arma. [GS] not yet rated

Wargame European Escalation

Nicely done RTS in the coldwar era.. Well worth the buyin if you enjoy strategy game types. Multiplayer is VERY hard so please get through the Single player campaign or expect to get kicked from servers who are attempting to find a balanced game between players.

Here is an average Multiplayer game view

The videos above gives a pretty good description of the game from a person that appreciates RTS play. [GS] 8/10


Steelbeasts Pro PE version 2.640 is a wonderful surprise with a price tag that will also shock most.

For the full review Press Here.

With my “personal preferences” aside, If you have a hundred bucks to throw away on a sim/kinda game, this title is a “WINNER” even at this price for the ”niche” Tank Sim fan!  People who do find it and play it, should? like it, if you understand the military holds much development back or they just don’t like the vision of success in the gaming/sim world.

If you like tank sim games compared to arcadish “world of tanks” type or broken tank offerings from the current crowd of so called programmers(RO2),  SteelBeasts Pro PE may just be the Tank Simulator you been looking for and comes with the history of a dedicated team, albeit military controled. It’s definitely a “different” type of company.  [GS] 8/10

Steel Armor:Blaze of War

Steel Armor: Blaze of War is an authentic and dynamic tank simulator. Nice models of the T-62 and my sweet M60A1 leaves all other tank games behind for graphics inside and out!! This could undoubtedly be the next generation “Tank Sim” in a graphical sense, but falls short in execution and lack of network access.

Player is to successfully accomplish battles in 4 historical operations on 60 square km. of battle area, manage Soviet, Iran, Iraq and Angola sides of the conflict. “Steel Armor: Blaze of War” gives player an opportunity to drive battle tanks as driver and engineer, to organize tank attacks as gun layer and manage the crew. To win the battle one has to own quick reactions, intelligence, good memory, knowledge of technical features of battle machines, ability to coordinate actions of the whole tank crew and ability to find optimal tactics in complex situations.

Multiplayer has been put on hold and drops this a notch as a future game. The learning curve is steep for making maps/scenarios and the gaming phase is kinda clunky. overall if you get involved, this game has alot to offer. But, and that’s a BIG BUT, it’s single player only at this time and very confusing within execution. Granted, that may be the users fault in interpretation of controls. [GS] 6/10

The flagship of the Civilization series returns in an all-new Game of the Year Edition. Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Game of the Year Edition is the fifth offering in the multi-award winning Civilization strategy game series featuring the famous “just one more turn” addictive gameplay that has made it one of the greatest game series of all time. Included is the newly updated base version of the game and over $40 in bonus and digital content. [GS] 8/10

Company of Heroes Delivering a visceral WWII gaming experience, Company of Heroes redefines real time strategy gaming by bringing the sacrifice of heroic soldiers, war-ravaged environments, and dynamic battlefields to life. Beginning with the D-Day Invasion of Normandy, players lead squads of Allied soldiers into battle against the German war machine through some of the most pivotal battles of WWII. Through a rich single player campaign, players experience the cinematic intensity and bravery of ordinary soldiers thrust into extraordinary events. The whole series gets a [GS] 8/10

Men of War Series – Think Company of Heroes and Jagged Allience combined but harder! There are a few in this series.. All deserving a [GS] 8/10 score and moddable! Pretty good series but be warned they are difficult!

Men of War is a stunning Real-Time Strategy game that takes place during the height of World War II. Intense battles span Europe and North Africa as gamers play as Soviet, Allied or German forces across 19 massive single-player missions.

Men of War: Red Tide is a sequel to the critically acclaimed RTS Men of War. Red Tide introduces a new story driven campaign based on the writings of Soviet scribe Alexander Zorich, it also includes dozens of new or upgraded units and weapons.

Men of War: Assault Squad features a completely new cooperative skirmish game mode with access to five different nations (Russia, Germany, USA, Commonwealth and, for the first time ever in the Men of War series, Japan) as well as increased realism and accessibility.

Men of War: Vietnam is a new game for the critically acclaimed series. The new, story-driven campaign lets you taste the explosive mix of the jungle, Hueys and rock-n-roll in 1968. The US campaign focuses on a team of elite special ops soldiers, and each one of them has a personality.


is a one-of-a-kind real-time strategy game that allows players to bluff their enemies to lead their nation to victory, controlling the action using views that range seamlessly from the heart of the battlefield to the full theatre of war. Players will be plunged into the action thanks to the exclusive IRISZOOM® engine which offers an intuitive interface that allows for smooth, rapid transitions from a birds-eye view of the entire conflict, down into the heat of the battle and vice versa.

In R.U.S.E, your brain is your ultimate weapon as you fight a war of perception, where your ability to deceive and mislead your enemy determines success. A first in a strategy game, R.U.S.E reinvigorates the genre by using deception to give new-found depth to the gameplay. [GS] 8/10

Total War Series

The total war series is a collection of massive RTS playing. I could not exclude a one from the list. Well worth it for those that like a real time strategy on a massive scale. [GS] 8/10

Crusaders Thy Kingdom Come

Not a Triple A game..but at 10 bucks well worth a look..think Total War Lite..

It all happened in the darkest century of the medieval Europe, when a visionary Pope ignited the flames of the first crusade and united the rivaling nations for one single cause: to conquer the Holy Land. Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come tells the challenging, mission-to-mission story of this great campaign through the eye of a chosen knight, and chronicles his struggles to rise higher among the ranks, gaining power and wealth on the road from Constantinople to Jerusalem. [GS] 7/10

Risk FactionsWage war with five factions, each with unique abilities, in the original game of strategy and world domination! Play with classic rules or reign supreme with objective-based and world conquest scenarios as you command your army and take tactical gambles to win the day. Then challenge your friends in online multiplayer and see how you stack up on the leaderboards. Oh, yes it plays classic mode also..[GS] 8/10

Combat Mission Series [GS] 8/10 is an aged yet great strategy game from

If your main goal is strategy you need to look this series up! The graphics have changed thru 2000-2011.. it’s not the prettiest but it is challenging! Demos available.

Gettysburg: Armored Warfare  Released on Steam under 10 bucks, but not worth a Dime!!


And if you comment about his lacking in fixing this program he either deletes or edits your postings on Steam Forums. Notice: This was my posting.. look who last edited it.. I have over 1000 postings on steam and never been banned. Hey, I can’t help if the truth hurts.. Danny Green is this young mans name that developed this partly and sold it. He is like a child showing off what he can do but can’t figure out how to put it all together, he needs to get over being butthurt.. Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling..anyways..

This was a reply I made about another steam member that had his posts removed a few times by the developer. Again, note the last edit of the posting.

He is only asking for what was offered and promised in promos… you usually are “entitled” to what you purchased in a working/fixed form. If the developer deletes all posts that are asking for what was offered, how does the new customer know what he is getting for his money? There should be a limit to what a forum developer can delete if an honest “open” discussion is to form.

I only stopped back in to see how the every friday patch update was going.. oh..umm.. best pass on that promise too.

Just count this as dead and move on.. they got the first 10 bucks..make sure they don’t get the second.. till you seen the FINISHED product and reviews of such.
best I could suggest.

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UPDATE: Server software and World Editor had been released on 5/11.. NO documentation nor a way to get them to work was offered at this time.. maybe in another week or so… 5-31-12: Another two weeks have passed and this game is in a very sorry state. The Steam forums are full of the developer blaming the Publisher. When the developer needs to just develop! I wouldn’t have anyone waste their time further. Two months after launch and nothing but promises. Remember this developer (Radioactive Software) and AVOID any future products until you read/hear that the future title works. [GS] 4/10

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