Don’t be pressured by those wishing you not to have a gun. it’s your right and common sense.

Remember, Practice, practice then practice some more with every firearm you plan on carrying.

Your location is going to change this a bit. western and open country will need a high powered weapon and scoping of area before movement, the rest of the country you will move through wooded areas 90% of the time. Making the long shot in the 100-150 yard range.

manual’s state that the soldier’s combat load should not exceed 60 pounds. That limit combines the fighting load — LBE, kevlar, weapon, and magazines with ammo weighing about 35 pounds — and the approach march load rucksack and selected items at 22 pounds. Remaining equipment and materials needed for sustained combat operations form the sustainment load to be brought forward by company and battalion when needed. You need to move quicker and lighter and you must always have “all” your gear with you or bury it for a return trip, if that’s the plan.

Now, you might want to pretend your John Wayne and built like Arnie but lets get serious. Grab any hunting auto rifle you got laying around and now strap 200 rounds of ammo to yourself. Now, grab the rest of your gear, you know something to sleep in and on, plus food and cooking and clothing. now, once you have this 60+ pounds loaded up go take a hike and realize you need to lose some weight for the real world. Put your thinking cap on and unless your in a western state with over 500 yards laying flat all around you, why do you need this heavy weapon and rounds? You don’t!

Remember you can always obtain weapons and ammo from the dead, they wont mind. They will be easy to spot, look for those heavy backpacks and shiny nickel weapons laying on the sides of roads and well traveled paths. Your most common found ammo will be .22, 12 gauge, 357/38, 9mm, .45, .223 and .308 with 30-30, 30-06 and .243 bringing up the rear in hunting firearms.

Other than trapping and fishing, I can start out by saying EVERYONE needs a .22 caliber firearm. I don’t care who you are and how macho you think you are. You will be hiding most the time or dieing all the time. You will not be out hunting deer under our current laws. you will be hoping to find a rat, cat, dog, squirrel or rabbit and you want to do it quietly. A .22 will do it all including that deer and person stalking you. Weight matters. Nothing beats a .22 for weight. I don’t care which .22 you perfer, just have one with 500 or more rounds laying around for the days to come.

Silence? Although in our legal society they are illegal without proper paper work, There are many Websites, youtubes and books that show how to make a real one when the time comes. Please, get one legally now or wait till there is no legal system to make one. Do not use sub sonic ammo except for single shot silence. Most blowback arms will fail and jam with them. You need the blowback power to cycle properly in case you need that second shot.

Even those bolt action .22 you may have laying around from Grandpa are worth salvaging for the future.. get some pvc pipe with caps from your hardware store and go bury them in areas you know you will frequent in those days to come.

Henry Repeating arms now handles the AR-7 survival gun. nice breakdown that can be buried in a few places for when needed. compact and well worth the cost. Information here .

The Kel-Tec SU-22 rifle is chambered for the popular .22 long rifle. It is based on the nato 5.56mm/.223 chambered Kel-Tec SU-16 rifle and shares many parts including the grip and front and rear sights. The SU-22 is not a simple conversion kit, it is a standalone firearm chambered in .22LR and is designed for target shooting, plinking, or small game hunting. Kel-Tec is the third largest American manufacturer of firearms in the U.S.A. More information here. Kel-Tec’s main designer and founder George Kellgren  is from the Grendel era. Look up the Sniper Rifle S-16 Grendel, Grendel 380 and Grendel P-30 to see some of the designs now more mature on the Kel-Tec line of firearms. Very innovative and reliable guns.

The SU-22 operate by blowback action and have a 4140 steel bolt that rides on steel guide rails inside the polymer receiver. The ejector is attached to one of the guide rails and the recoil spring is located above the barrel. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and the front sight is adjustable for elevation. An integrated picatinny rail on top will accept a multitude of sighting options. The muzzle end of the barrel is threaded 1/2?-28 to accept standard attachments such as a muzzle brake. A 27 round semi-transparent magazine is included and it is made in the U.S.A.

And ofcourse everyone loves the ruger 10/22.. it has a history of use and will handle it all.Information can be found here. it all depends what you really want to spend. Remember, this is not for show, its for real life situations.

If you just cannot believe a .22 is that powerful to survive with or you have 300 yard field of view as normal in your area of travel, get yourself a .223 with around 4 mags and a .22 bolt conversion with a few mags.  Also, if you buy an AR platform carbine with a flat top and no sights, don’t just get a red dot and a few batteries. always have backup ironsights first. Magpul makes a nice flipup set for around $100.00, or if your really cheap, there is a china knockoff called Magpul PTS for about 15 bucks.. warning.. you get what you pay for.

These days alot of people are putting out AR-15 rifles. It boils down to personal choice.. piston or impingement system in the AR series is again a personal choice and both work just fine. impingement is the original design by stoner and less costly with less moving parts. The piston systems came 20 years later to mimick the AK series of rifles. The idea being gases blow back into a piston in front of the chamber instead of dumping the gases inside the chamber. Much more information is available than this out there. Study and learn both systems plus and minus for your final choice.

From dpms sportical with no forward assist or dustcover, no frills barrel with a 1/9 twist running about 550-600, to Smith and Wesson sport with same features except a durable Melonite coated 1/8 twist barrel around 650.00,  to colts LE6920 M4 civilian model with chrome lined 1/7 twist barrel for about 1300.00.. everything is a bit different but the same.. in the end.. a bullet exits from the barrel. Twist and barrel again is subjective and information is out there and available.

DPMS, Smith and Wesson, Bushmaster, Windham, Sig Sauer, Rock River Arms and Colt are just a few names of AR-15′s that go bang when you pull the trigger. Do some research as to the differences. Most all are now stamped 556/.223 which means either ammo works.. the cmmg .22 dropin conversion bolt works fine with stock barrels. a .22 is 222 diameter so accuracy change is minimum and swaping out is a snap. The sight of optic choice is just that, a variety of choices ranging from 30.oo to twice of your rifle price. Most using batteries which means needing extra batteries in the future. Cool flashlights and lasers will make you show up from a long way off.

My personal choice is to use the gun as intended. Short range and A3 type Iron sights, possibly top it off with a first gen night vision scope with 1x to 2.5x power as prices come down.  That should be more than you ever will need. Over 300-400 yards your limiting yourself with the .223. Yes it can go out 600-800 yards but whats the point? your surving and staying low. Many great websites and information can be found on the internet. Do your homework and think of Light weight and survival purpose.

Best Bang For your buck at $1000.00

Shoot Brass Ammo.. IMHO.. Jams happen… Your call obviously.

Simple example of cmmg dropin .22 bolt.

Or if you just don’t trust or like a .22/.223 combo get a carbine to match your pistol/revolver ammo with the same amount of clips.

The Kel-Tec Sub2000 and PF9 in 9mm would fill the bill nicely.. you will not have the amount of ammo needed to hunt, but you can always trap and fish silently, which is probably the main way you will be doing it anyways.

Nothing on earth beats a shotgun close up and out to 35 yards in my humble opinion.  Buckshot will give 9 pellets or more in the .30 size with one pull of the trigger. A shotgun will come in handy if you accidently walk into danger, short and for close combat only in a last ditch effort to evade. no more than a box of mixed ammo, buck and slug. Without a side shot or head shot, your not going to shoot thru a vest, but you will wound some arms and legs, bruise some bones and slow them. make sure you have a carry sheath for it, although this would be my in hand carry while traveling. Remember, your trying to survive not start a war.
Unload it into the accidental meeting, if your not sure the threat is over, sheath it or drop it and get moving. Evasion before fighting is your usual offense and defense. You can always reload or circle back once you relocate to safety.

When all else fails and money is “very tight”, look for surplus arms. You can get a Mosin Nagant 91/30 bolt action these days with cleaning kits, ammo pouches and bayonets from $69.00-$99.00! The low price just reflects how common they are. Estimates put the Nagant at around 17.5 million made. You will have to do some cleaning to get all the packing grease off, but well worth the trouble for these outstanding shooters.

These rifles may date back to the 30′s but are still used today in places like Iraq etc. They shoot a .30 caliber round 7.62x54r and ammo can still be found and is actually being reproduced by some ammo makers! The Russian snipers choice of weapon during WWII, This could make a fine hunting rifle as well.  Many hunters are restocking and putting modern sights on them with great success.

When comparing a 24 inch barrel .30-06 Springfield to a 28 inch barrel 7.62x54mmR, the latter still is more in line with .308 Winchester power and in many loads near identical. Because of its just short of ballistic closeness with the iconic American cartridge, a similarly rich military and historic heritage and amazing longevity, is nicknamed “the Russian 30-06″ by some.

As you can see, some have laminate stocks with some fine lines.  look around… it does not cost alot to be prepared! Although if you do not stock up on ammo, you might have to use it as a bat or keep that bayonet attached in days to come. As of this writing, ammo is easy to  obtain from 20 rounds-$8.50-$20.00 to crates of 880 rounds for about $150.0 to $200.00.  Some ammo can date back pretty far and may be corrosive primed. This really is not an issue if you clean your rifle after shooting with hot water and then solvents.  These are surplus rifles which may have fired thousands of rounds. Check barrels and crowns for abuse before purchasing.  Shop around and enjoy a piece of history. The one shown here is the most accurate rifle I own out to 100 yards(my old eye limit) with iron sights and I have done nothing but cleaned all the cosmoline off it and shoot surplus ammo through it. These may be OLD, but just like old men they are not dead yet.

NutnFancy talks alot.. but says alot

He’s becoming a YouTube legend..lol
A pistol or revolver with combat accuracy that will be able to shoot the next round even when dirty, not your fancy target gun. This is to sleep with and your last defense when you drop your gear and run like hell! It’s your only weapon you will have time to grab if awakend from a dead sleep. Again enough ammo for 3 clips or full revolver and 2 speed loaders. That’s all you should ever need for it’s purpose.If your rifle/shotgun of choice does not come with a bayonet, grab a 7 inch bladed combat knife. Your choice but would suggest you make damn sure its full tang. This will come in handy around camp and possible fighting, but let’s hope not.

Look up Mora of Sweden 840 Carbon Steel Clipper for a small all around great knife which wont break the bank to go with the battle knife. Very handy for those smaller tasks and to cut your steak in the field. usually under 20 bucks!Bare minimum the utility knife, a .22 rifle and/or pistol fully loaded.Other than this, you have fishline, snares and some thought process if you need to slow what may be following you. As you can tell, I am a survivor not a fighter. This is already a very weighted defense you will be carrying on a daily basis. Remember, Practice, practice then practice some more with every firearm you plan on carrying.

Speaking of carrying? How to carry your ammo? You can try to fit it all in that backpack or even attach another small pack to the backpack with just your ammo or maybe look into a vest like a MOLLE plate carrier. Again, another few pounds but it might distribute your weight better and lighten the load in the long run and when you drop that backpack to run like hell, your ammo will be coming with you. Just some thoughts.


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